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New Book – DECODING SPANISH WINE – Available Now

It’s finally here. We’ve been working on this one for a while now and I’m super pumped to finally put it out in the world and be able to share it with you.

Our new book “Decoding Spanish Wine: A Beginner’s Guide to the High Value, World Class Wines of Spain” is now available in print and eBook on Amazon. This is the follow up to our previous book, “Decoding Italian Wine.”

The goal with our wine books is to deliver tons of relevant info in the most easily digestible and fun to read way possible. I think we did it again with “Decoding Spanish Wine.”

The book covers all the main grape varietals and wine regions in Spain along with information on vintages, classifications, top value picks, how to read a Spanish wine label and wine and food pairing recommendations.

Spanish wine deliver some of the best values in the world right now in my opinion and we put all of our effort into creating a book that will help you take your Spanish wine drinking to the next level and find new awesome wines for great prices.

“If you’ve ever been the least bit curious about Spanish wine, then this is the book to have on your shelf. The style is accessible, and the narrative is written with ease. It’s like you’re sitting down with the authors on their porch, sipping on Cava, and having a chat about great Spanish wine region . Great work gents!” – Naushad Huda, Founder and CEO, and Editor of DRIVE THROUGH NAPA

“Kudos to Andrew Cullen and Ryan McNally for this accessible deep-dive into Spanish wines. For anyone looking to expand their wine knowledge, DECODING SPANISH WINE is a must buy. Salud!” – Amy E. Reichert, author of THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE and THE OPTIMIST’S GUIDE TO LETTING GO